Advertising Champions with Nancy Hill of Marcus Thomas

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On Advertising Champions, our host, Tony Stanol, interviews bright and engaging members of the digital advertising and media community. On this segment, Tony speaks with Nancy Hill of Marcus Thomas.

Short company description: 

Marcus Thomas is an award winning full service (in the modern definition of full service) advertising agency based in Cleveland, Ohio.

How do you define success?

Leaving the world a little better than I found it. Leaving my clients feeling better about themselves. Leaving the people I interact with feeling like their day just got a little brighter.

How did you get started in your field or work?

By accident

What’s one thing we should know that makes your company unique?

We ask better questions. Sometimes, the thing a brand (or client) really needs is not what they came in asking us to do. It’s our job to work with them to get to a better definition of what success can (and should) look like.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?

Marcus Thomas is the biggest best independent agency that no one had ever heard of. We have worked very hard to overcome that lack of awareness in the last two years.