Chuck Coker


Chuck Coker

Chuck Coker is one of America’s most sought-after experts in the field of Personal Formation, Emotional Intelligence and Talent Management. His unique slant on how to use “Human Data” in all phases of the employment life cycle have spawned state of the art approaches for maximizing employee engagement and corporate wellness. The validity of the effectiveness of his processes have been documented by University research studies on multiple continents.

Chuck’s publications include: Profit Through Your People: How the Human Factor Can Impact Your Bottom Line and is his 9th book designed to help managers, leaders and individuals maximize human potential. 100+ articles for publications nationwide like America’s Business Journals, Worksite Solutions, and The Woman’s Digest. 60+ training manuals on how human data can be applied to the personal formation, personal development and personal improvement processes.

Chuck is licensed to administer over 250 assessment profiles and has created over 50 instruments for human factor analysis. His latest offerings are to measure Conflict styles and Trustworthiness. This background was the reason for forming LifeThrive Performance Systems, Inc. in 1993. He presently has locations administering his materials in Florida, Virginia, Missouri and the United Kingdom. He is Past Chairman of the President’s Council for the National Speaker’s Association, Past President of the National Speakers Association (North Florida) and was voted their “Speaker of the Year” in 2000 – 2001. In 2016 he delivered his first TedTalk on how to use People Metrics to mitigate risk in the work environment of manufacturing and industrial based companies.

In addition to speaking and developing America’s top businesses, Dr. Coker has served as Department Head at Westminster (UK) and lectured on human metrics in prestigious educational institutions like Auburn, Harvard, Cambridge, Moscow State University, the University of Chester and University of Wolverhampton. Additionally, Dr. Coker founded a non-profit 40 years ago to teach Olympic TaeKwonDo to those who could not afford commercial schools. To date he has trained 63 Junior Olympians, 4 Olympic qualifiers and oversees 10+ schools in three states.

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