Dario Nuhanovic

CEO, 904 Party

904 Party

Dario Nuhanovic, born on September 26, 1992, is an accomplished entrepreneur with vast experience in owning and managing various businesses. With 7 years of successful operation in the automotive industry, Dario has gained extensive knowledge in running multiple car dealerships. Additionally, he has spent 3 years managing a permanent makeup studio, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in different sectors. Dario’s strength lies in his exceptional client relations skills, as he prioritizes client satisfaction above all else. Through his previous ventures, he has developed a keen understanding of meeting and exceeding client expectations, ensuring their utmost contentment. Currently, Dario is embarking on a new endeavor in the party planning business. He aims to leverage his previous experiences and apply his networking skills to expand and grow his new venture. With his friendly nature, intelligence, and dedication, Dario is well-equipped to excel in this field and create memorable experiences for his clients. Dario Nuhanovic’s passion for entrepreneurship, combined with his customer-centric approach, sets him apart as a driven and successful business professional. His commitment to providing exceptional service and delivering outstanding results makes him an invaluable asset in any business endeavor.

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