Katie Cline

Founder, Cheers 904

Katie Cline.
Cheers 904

Katie Cline, a driven entrepreneur, began her journey in 2015 with Bumble and Bee Babysitting. Her latest venture, Cheers 904, offers mobile bartending services for private events. Despite starting during the pandemic in 2021, Cheers 904 found success, thanks to Katie’s people skills and sales acumen.

Katie’s success relies on providing services people can do themselves but prefer to entrust to a professional. Originally from Long Island, she moved to Florida in 2007 and attended the University of North Florida.

Katie’s businesses have thrived, with Bumble and Bee generating around $120,000 in annual revenue and Cheers 904 poised to double its $25,000 inaugural year revenue.

With a zest for diverse ventures and a commitment to excellence, Katie’s entrepreneurial journey is far from over.

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