Andy Varnes

SVP of Social Media, Client Focused Media

Andy Varnes social media
Client Focused Media

Andy Varnes began his journey in 2018. With a rich history in both photography and videography, Andy possesses an ability to capture moments that transcend words. His combined knowledge of social media as well as photo/video gave him a specific focus in his work. His videos have garnered the attention of over 7 million viewers, thanks to his focus on quality. He has technical expertise of Premier Pro as well as the ability to create top industry work. Andy’s deep understanding of social media strategy is the linchpin of his success. He crafts journeys that guide brands and businesses toward growth and brand awareness. 

Before joining CFM, Andy helmed Varnes Media, a media company specializing in social media, video, and photo marketing for businesses. Under his leadership, Varnes Media thrived, growing to a well-known company in the Jacksonville area. 

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