“Caring for Seniors” with Noel Guidey of InSight OT Services and Consulting

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Each week on Caring for Seniors, our host Steve Strum sits down with unique and compassionate individuals dedicated to serving and caring for the elderly in our community. On this segment, Steve sits down with Noel Guidry of InSight OT Services and Consulting.



Noelle Guidry
Owner of InSight OT Services and Consulting
Website Address: https://insightotjax.com/

Short company description:

InSight OT’s mission is to extend the provision of quality low-vision rehabilitation occupational therapy to individuals with vision loss in Northeast Florida with compassion and knowledgeable expertise.

How do you define success?

Occupational therapy’s goal is to empower individuals to return to meaningful and needed daily life activities. I define my success step by step, person by person, when that individual is able to complete a task that they did not think was possible.

How did you get started in your field or work?

For many years in my career as an occupational therapist, I worked in traumatic brain injury and stroke rehab. In this work, I delved further into understanding the visual system. When a positioned open in a low vision clinic, it naturally piqued my interest. As I was discerning whether I wanted my career to delve into this niche of OT, I shadowed the vision rehab OT at the Wilmer Eye Institute of John’s Hopkins. I loved what I observed and the pragmatic ways that it made a difference in the lives of individuals! I will never forget one young women’s story about how she suddenly lost her vision. She felt hopeless, thinking nothing could be done and she was not sure how she was going to function in her life. It was when she met low vision rehab specialists that she learned with the proper tools and techniques, she could use her vision to accomplish needed and desired daily tasks. It was her story and many others…stories of people thinking nothing more can be done about the vision loss. It is my mission to share that there is more that can be done! I did go back to grad school to UAB to learn further about low vision and I did get that job working in the low vision clinic! Now, I seek to reach people who cannot make it to the clinic due to transportation hardship in NE Florida!