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Utopian World For Foster Care: How the real estate industry can benefit while making a large impact for vulnerable youth.

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Guest Post by Arthur Hairston

Disclaimer: this article was submitted by a guest author. Daily News Network is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this post.

One thing has remained consistent over time. There are not enough group homes for kids in foster care. Each night hundreds of kids are sleeping in offices waiting for a bed to open anywhere in the State of Florida or in some cases anywhere in the US.

It’s a hard pill to swallow to know youth do not have a bed to sleep in at night, but it is the reality. There is a solution to this…

Real estate investors should invest in opening group homes. The trend for many investors, especially Private Equity backed ones are opening up neighborhoods of single family homes to rent. What if a few of those homes within each neighborhood being opened were reserved for a group home to operate?

It will take some vetting to find the right operator, but once they find that person that knows what their doing it’s a win win for both parties. The real estate investors get their money back faster than renting a home to a single family, while the state of Florida is able to offer more beds to kids needing a safe place to live.

This is just one of my wild thoughts to help our most vulnerable children. I’m curious to know readers thoughts on this or if you have another idea to help this crisis out.