“5 Minutes With” with Mark MacDonald of Be Known For Something Branding Co.

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On this episode of “5 Minutes With,” our host, Whitney Mincey, takes the time to speak with an inspiring entrepreneur doing great work in our community. In this segment, Whitney speaks with Mark MacDonald of Be Known For Something Branding Co.

Short company description:

What are you known for? It matters! Be Known for Something coaches Leaders to effectively discover and communicate what they’re known for in a trusted framework over relevant communication channels and methods. As brand developers and strategists, the agency helps organizations be known for something relevant and needed so their communities will listen to them. Read their bestselling book: BeKnownBook.com. The agency offers assessments, coaching, and consulting about branding, strategy, online giving direction, and tool strategy (social media, websites, print, etc).

What Is Your Why?:

To help organizations and people have relevance in a very noisy world!

How Did You Get Started In Your Field or Work?:

Working for one of eastern Canada’s largest ad agencies

What’s One Thing We Should Know That Makes Your Company Unique?:

We have a system that quickly leads organization towards a brand. Our 3-day retreat is unique – the fastest way to a rebrand.

What Are Your Biggest Goals in the Next 6 to 12 Months for Your Business?:

A podcast