Media Champions with Vic Townsend of Be Seen Marketing

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On Media Champions, our host, Greg Kirkham, speaks with experts and professionals from across the country operating in the media space. In this segment, Greg spoke with Vic Townsend of Be Seen Marketing.

Short company description: 

Full digital marketing company and also a film production company.

What was your first job in Media?

I owned a web design company in Houston named Angry Dragon Studios that evolved into a small marketing agency.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

Most likely AI (But come on…we all know its Google’s algorithms.)

Why is it important for a business to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?

An outside agency is going to work harder for you. We have to keep the results coming more consistently to continue getting that paycheck every month. The only way clients know work is being done, is by seeing the needle move. Where as, an employee sitting at his desk staring at a computer screen an clicking away can always “look” like he’s getting work done. Also, choosing an agency is typically about half the price of hiring someone in-house.

What is one tip that you would give when it comes to digital marketing?

Don’t do it for a living. Be a comedian, or a rapper. Theres much easier ways to get rich! No, my number one tip is, be the expert at what you do. That goes for anyone trying to make it as a digital marketer or the owner of a business that has hired an agency. You have to become the authority. When you have people chasing you down instead of the other way around, that’s when you know you’ve made it.

What percent of your advertising service offerings does traditional media buying make up?