“Finding Your Frequency” with Kim Zimmerman of Air-Ground Logistics Inc.

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On this episode of Finding Your Frequency, your host, Brian Sexton, sits down and tunes in to conversations with some of the best and brightest creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs that Jacksonville has to offer. Today, Brian sits down with Kim Zimmerman of Air-Ground Logistics Inc.

Short Company Description:

Established in 2003 our Jacksonville based company offers a variety of services to commercial and charter airlines. We currently provide ground handling services for the Jaguars team travel, loading cargo and passengers along with private security screening. We offer these same services to visiting teams or any private group with travel into JAX.

How do you define success?:

Taking pride in your work and giving your best effort. Treating everyone with respect, dignity, kindness, and never take things personally. Service with a smile always!

What’s a pressing challenge you face in implementing a strategic plan?:

I would say getting and keeping good help. A lot of our Charter work is unpredictable. We are able to project our work in the fall based on the present year NFL schedule. However specific needs usually aren’t known as far in advance. With the exception of my partner and I most all our employees have other jobs. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 employees to handle a flight depending on the size of the aircraft and type of group, and at least 6 to handle the security screening.

What does it mean to “Be Teal” to you?:

I was at the Jaguars inaugural game with my family in 1995. We all had teal tongues. Since then, we have been diehard, jaguar fans through the good and not so good seasons. We always support our home team!

How has your business changed in the past 12 months?:

Competition has increased and more employee demands.

What’s One Thing We Should Know That Makes Your Company Unique?:

We cater to larger charters, sports teams, and most specifically to the Jaguars!

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your business?:

Keeping our business running through COVID-19