“Finding Your Frequency” with Lisa Almeida of Freedom Boat Club

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On this episode of Finding Your Frequency, your host, Brian Sexton, sits down and tunes in to conversations with some of the best and brightest creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs that Jacksonville has to offer. Today, Brian sits down with Lisa Almeida of Freedom Boat Club.

Short Company Description:

Freedom Boat Club provides you with a fleet of boats that come with less stress and a lower price tag than owning a single boat. We clean, maintain, store, and do all the prep work for your enjoyment. There are no hassles like maintenance, dock fees, insurance or trailers. Instead, you spend your time having fun on the water. Discover how easily you can gain access to a fleet of boats of varying sizes and styles without maintenance, cleaning, or hassles. At Freedom Boat Club, the boat is waiting.

Who are you? (What’s important to you? Where are you from?):

I am the Boatanista.

Where do you want to go in life or in your business?

Continued success

What are you willing to do to get there?

Whatever needs to be done