Legacy of Leaders with Jethro Decimus of La Famille Foundation

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On “Legacy of Leaders,” Taylor Hayes welcomes outstanding leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice, personal experiences and tips for business leaders and aspiring leaders. This week, Taylor sits down with Jethro Decimus of La Famille Foundation.

Short company description:

La Famille Foundation resources rural communities in developing countries with water supply, agricultural development, and education.

How did you get started in your field or work?

I started doing philanthropic service while an undergrad at FIU. My first trip was to Managua, Nicaragua. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to serve the world some way somehow.

What’s one thing we should know that makes your company unique?

What makes us unique is that our programs have an exit strategy. We approach our communities with the intent to resource and empower them and leave them, at a stage where the community or school can sustain itself.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?

One major obstacle we had to overcome was the economic and political instability.

We launched our long-term program in the capital of Haiti, but our program couldn’t come to fruition because of the instability in the capital.

Operating in developing countries often means dealing with economic volatility, political instability, and the ability to carry out projects effectively.

We later decided to operate outside of the capital in the provinces.