Bespoke By Bordeaux

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Business Size: 1-5
Phone: 9042332663


About Bespoke By BordeauxBespoke by Bordeaux is a leadership consulting agency helping Business Leaders entrepreneurs and executives get to the next level of their personal brand. Our clients build strong reputations and a resilient mindset through our proprietary approach to personal brand leadership. Our unique skill set allows us also to coach and guide B2B leaders through the tricky Waters of brand strategy implementation so they can build Brand Power.
What differentiates you from the competition?Our clients see a level of sustainability with their mental growth that no other brand consulting agency or personal brand agency can give them.
What are your top selling services or products that your company offers?Personal brand strategy leadership, brand auditing and optimization,
If you had one message to get across to future customers, what would it be?The one thing keeping you from becoming the version of you is the identity shift that many avoid but I can guide you through to the next level.
What is the biggest marketing challenge that you will face in the upcoming year?Making enough noise in an effort to get conversions.

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