Executive Highlight

Michael Cooney

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Director of Sales & Operations, Image One Corporation
Business Founded: 1994
Phone: 8138888288

6202 Benjamin Road
Tampa, FL 33634

How long have you been in your industry?20 years plus
Why did you choose your industry?I chose this industry because I did not want to sell a widget that would not assist the company in achieving its mission. I wanted to provide real changing value to companies so that they could fulfill the vision of the owners.
Who are your typical clients?We serve every Market. The clients we see the most success with are the ones that have realized that they have to change the way they do things. Although what got them to this point is fantastic, for them to go to the next level will require changing.
What do you like best about being in this industry?I love being able to offer and see fundamental changes.
What are common problems you see?ReluctancyPeople believe they can use human resources to achieve the results they are after. Most people believe we are taking away their jobs, but we are there to enhance their careers and work life.
What advice/tips do you have for clients?There is never a perfect time, and the only time we have is now, and now is the best time.
When is your busy season?Unfortunately, anytime the economy is doing poorly.
What keeps you up at night?Knowing that when our kids look at their Mom and Dad that they will know that we did not just sit idly. That we fought our way to make their lives better.
How do you market yourself to grow/expand your business?We are doing a lot of trade shows this year, getting out there and hearing from customers and their counterparts at various organizations.
How involved are you in the community?I have been very involved with our friends nonprofit.
What is your favorite not for profit or charity?Outreach America
What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into this business?Remember that your shareholders are your customers, period. They will remember how you leave them, so be great!
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?We have little kiddos, so we are at parks, the beach, the pool, the zoo, tumble gyms, and farmer's markets!

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