“Explore the Spectrum” with Trudy Ann Pines from AHRC NYC Middle/High School

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Trudy Ann Pines
Assistant Principal at AHRC NYC Middle/High School
Website Address:  www.ahrcnyc.org

Each week on Explore the Spectrum, our host Steve Strum discusses the latest news and developments related to autism, as well as providing expert insights and advice to our audience. Be ready for anything by listening to what these insiders have to say. This week, Steve speaks with Trudy Ann Pines from AHRC NYC Middle/High School.

To learn more,  www.ahrcnyc.org.


The Vision:

AHRC NYC’ vision is to create a socially just world where the power of difference is embraced, values and celebrated. Our mission is to advocate for individuals who are neurodiverse to live full and equitable lives.

What is Your Why?:

To empower students to learn, become independent and be socially responsible citizens in the school community and too empower students to advocate for themselves so they can achieve their personal outcomes.

What’s one thing we should know that makes your company unique?:

The power of advocacy and of the individual that each one has a unique character and skills that can make them succeed and live a full life in the community.