“5 Minute Salute” with Jeff Tiegs of Skull Games

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Each week on “5 Minute Salute” our host Chris Budihas talks to veterans making a difference in their communities. Today, Chris has the honor to speak with Jeff Tiegs of Skull Games.

Short company description:

Skull Games provides analytical and operational support to Law Enforcement Agencies engaged in counter sex trafficking operations.

How do you define success?:

Skull Games focuses on three areas-
• IDENTIFY predators and their prey
o Identify predators to enable Law Enforcement to interrupt the cycle of exploitation throughout the United States and help victims pursue a life of hope and freedom
• INTERDICT predators for pleasure and predators for profit
o Directly supporting Law Enforcement to arrest sex predators. Provide Law Enforcement with actionable leads to offer victims a path to freedom and arrest, prosecute, and imprison sex traffickers. Assist LE in conducting effective and efficient counter sex trafficking operations.
• EMPOWER communities with purpose
o Provide training that will reduce the likelihood of anyone being exploited by a predator and making themself less vulnerable. Help the community better understand sexual exploitation and better recognize who is being exploited in their community and who the predators are. Coordinate with other agencies that provide aid and assistance to survivors of sexual exploitation and help victims and their families on their journey to rebuilding and restoring their lives

How did you get started in your field or work?:

Became the transition from counter insurgency and counter terrorism to counter trafficking after retiring from the Army in 2015.

What’s one thing we should know that makes your company unique?:

  • We are UNIQUE because of our Experience, Access & Placement, and Time in Service
  • We report true numbers and refuse to sensationalize sex trafficking or our efforts to combat it
  • The Task Force is purpose built to bring in other non-profits and organizations to unite behind a common cause.
  • We gather Best Practices across the country and share them, ensuring they are replicable and repeatable
  • The thousands of investigative hours the Skull Games Task Force provides is invaluable to LE
    What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?: The biggest hurdle has been securing enduring financial support.