“5 Minutes With” with Eric Satterwaite of Revenue Medic

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On this episode of “5 Minutes With,” our host, Jamar Suber, takes the time to speak with an inspiring entrepreneur doing great work in our community. In this segment, Jamar speaks with Eric Satterwaite of Revenue Medic.

Short company description:

I’m a fractional head of sales for tech companies.

How do you define success?:

  1. Run a profitable business
  2. Pay bills on time
  3. Help customers achieve their goals


  1. Good husband and father to my family.
    How did you get started in your field or work?: I got into Sales because I wanted a job where effort equated to income. Someone gave me a chance many years ago.
    What’s one thing we should know that makes your company unique?: I’m a fractional Chief Revenue Officer and business strategist for CRM partners (who implement tech). I’m the only one in my space doing what I do who comes from leading CRM partner Sales organizations.