Buzzworthy Businesses with Shereline Redden of The Preservation Firm

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Each week on “Buzzworthy Businesses” our hosts, Steve Strum and Chris Budihas talk to business leaders around Jacksonville who are doing great things in the community. Today, Steve and Chris talk to Shereline Redden of The Preservation Firm.


Short company description:

The Preservation Firm is a Social Enterprise Network that provides consulting and contracting services.

Speacializing in developing and planning the coordination of programs and their activities to provide support services to not for profits , attorneys, real estate agents, government agencies and small business owners. Monitor implementation of program policies and practices. Work to keep programs on schedule, within stated budgets and functioning smoothly. Support program growth and development as necessary. The Preservation Firm L.L.C. works to find mutually beneficial business connections and provide contract negotiations, and meditation services to win contract opportunities. Property Adjustments and Housing Inspections available upon request. Notarial acts.

What Is Your Why?

To preserve people, property and Progenitor

How Did You Get Started In Your Field or Work?

My professional career has afforded me the opportunity to develop a program to increase public safety through work force development.

What Are Your Biggest Goals in the Next 6 to 12 Months for Your Business?

To become a housing cooperative for the City of Jacksonville