Media Champions with Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss

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On Media Champions, our host, Greg Kirkham, speaks with experts and professionals from across the country operating in the media space. In this segment, Greg spoke with Tammy Durden of Fearless Business Boss.

Short company description:

Fearless Business Boss is a coaching company founded by Tammy Durden.

Tammy has been an online entrepreneur for 16 years. As a business coach, Tammy, loves empowering online women solopreneurs. She Helps them to create, grow, and scale a business that fits their lifestyle rather than squeezing a life around their business. She takes them to the next level through 1-on-1 business coaching and her mastermind group coaching program.

Tammy learned early how to create a business that fit her lifestyle as she became disabled from Multiple Sclerosis. At that time, she homeschooled 3 children, was serving in a ministry, and working from home (or bed when needed) but she didn’t let it slow her down. She created a VA Agency and transitioned that into a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency, all while mentoring and coaching, and teaching for a large Freelance platform.

Today, Tammy, is coaching full time, helping women online solopreneurs grow and scale through her programs. She has mentored, educated, and coached hundreds of online solopreneurs through the years. Helping them reach their goals through accountability and good marketing strategies. Tammy believes when you confidently own your abilities, set good pricing strategies, create processes and systems, as well as, add a team (when ready) you will attract the high paying clients you desire, creating a thriving business.

What was your first job in Media?

When I began helping my clients with their digital marketing. The first thing I assisted them with was social media management.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

I used to tell my clients it is a long game and don’t expect changes right away. I explained that it could take 6-12 months especially with social media. Today, due to all the ‘noise’ and activity as well as people’s lack of focus (7 second attention span) it may now take 12-24 months to begin to see a difference for people to really see you.

List any trade organizations or groups that you belong to, if any:; Freelance Union; OIVAC steering committee;

Why is it important for a business to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?

I think having someone with ‘boots on the ground’ so to speak is helpful. Someone who only does that specialty (Google ads, Facebook ads, SEO, etc.) is important because they how to do it and if any changes are coming down road.

What is one tip that you would give when it comes to digital marketing?:

I always tell my clients to start somewhere and usually I recommend that be in SEO Blogging on their own website. I’ve seen it make a difference in the traffic they get to their site.

The other thing I recommend is being YOU – be real and authentic and let others in to know who you are.

What percent of your advertising service offerings does traditional media buying make up?