On a Mission with Allison Cato of Hope Haven

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Each week on On a Mission we talk to community leaders who are out to make a positive impact in the area. Today, our host Jack Sears talks with Allison Cato of Hope Haven.

Short company description:

Hope Haven is a nonprofit that has served clients in Jacksonville for almost 100 years. We provide advocacy, clinical, education, and employment services. We serve clients as young as 12 months of age through  adulthood identifying any challenges and connecting them with evidence based services to support them as they reach their potential. Hope Haven is a place where hope transforms lives.

How do you define success?

I entered the world of neuropsychology through the back door. I worked 5 summers as a counselor for campers with autism spectrum disorders of all ages and functioning levels. I found my passion and then pursued a career that combines my passion for neuroanatomy and neuroscience with the desire to support clients to reach and exceed their goals.

What are your biggest goals in the next 12 Months for your business?

Increase awareness in the community about our innovative services in both diagnosis and treatment. For example, we were the first clinic to offer EarliPoint assessment in Northeast Florida to identify autism spectrum disorder in our youngest clients. Early identification means maximal treatment gains. I also want the community to be aware that through generous donations and grant awards from community organizations, we are able to offer financial assistance for much of our diagnostic, mental health, educational, and advocacy services.