“On a Mission” with Theo Vallas of Central Oceans USA

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Each week on “On a Mission” we talk to community leaders who are out to make a positive impact in the area. Today, our host Jack Sears talks with Theo Vallas of Central Oceans USA.

Brief Company Description:

CENTRAL OCEANS USA is a premium project logistics and supply chain provider in North America.

Our customers rely on our team’s decades of global and asset-based logistics experience to identify risk, optimize transport, and streamline execution for their critical, complex supply chains.

Central Oceans USA provides global shippers fully integrated solutions including:
•Sourcing all modes inclusive of air, barge, ocean, rail, truck
•Inland Rail/Barge/Terminal Sourcing/Operations (laydown yards/forward positioning)
•Project Management
•Ocean Terminal Management/Surveying
•Agency/Chartering Services
•EHS / Quality Control
•Transportation Feasibity & Engineering

What’s one thing we should know that makes you or your organization unique?

I’ve had a very blessed life overcoming many obstacles and challenges to get where I am. But by far one of the most difficult yet best things that happened in my life was in 2018 I was diagnosed with Cancer. My journey with cancer while relatively brief profoundly shaped my life as it is today and in a very positive way.

Name 2 people that you believe to be trustees in our community and how has their impact helped Jacksonville become who we are today?

Jacksonville and Northeast Florida are blessed to have had so many people in the past and today who are impacting our community. One of my current areas of intention is learning more about the different organizations doing this amazing work and see where I can help.