iXP Connect LLC

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Business Size: 1-5
Phone: (703) 850-5024

309 Tavistock Drive
Saint Augustine, Florida 32095

About iXP Connect LLCiXP Connect is a zero upfront cost online patent licensing platform for patent owners (licensors) and technology seekers (licensees). We also connect job seeking subject matter experts with the licensees based on the licensed patented technology fields. Registered licensors and licensees can chat real-time, negotiate, and complete licensing tasks before signing their licensing agreements electronically - all done via our platform, RENOVATIO, and registration is FREE for everyone.
What differentiates you from the competition?Consultants or brokers are typically used, and most of them have upfront retainer fee of thousands of dollars. iXP Connect has ZERO UPFRONT FEE to make the process RISK FREE. Smart features on RENOVATIO add safety and transparency for licensing.
What are your top selling services or products that your company offers?RENOVATIO, our online platform has real-time chats, file sharing, task management, and online agreement signing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to turn complex patent descriptions into easier summaries, helping potential licensees.
If you had one message to get across to future customers, what would it be?iXP Connect is here to help you monetize unused patents via licensing/sale. We also assist startups and businesses to scale up faster by helping them locate patented technologies to license/buy. Registration is FREE to make the process RISK FREE.
What is the biggest marketing challenge that you will face in the upcoming year?Success of our business is heavily based on the level of awareness amongst patent owners (independent inventors to multinational corporations) and technology seekers of all sizes and virtually all countries.

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