Kids Share Workshops

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Business Size: 1-5
Phone: (802) 917-3382

863 Grove Bluff Cir North
Saint Johns, Florida 32259

About Kids Share WorkshopsKSW works alongside nonprofits and schools, helping youth unite through a guided group therapeutic workshop. KSW is taught either domestically in a school setting or cross-culturally in a community setting. The results empower students to move past roadblocks through storytelling, self-awareness, practical problem-solving, optimism, empathy, and compassion, positively impacting their lives and community.
What differentiates you from the competition?Professional-produced children's books created by youth cross-culturally. Coupled with a documentary film sharing the six-month journey.
What are your top selling services or products that your company offers?Cognitive art and writing therapy for youth and adults. community-based workshop that positively impacts the community with art beautification and gives it a platform highlighting its unique qualities through a documentary film.
If you had one message to get across to future customers, what would it be?Be part of positively changing the future by giving youth a voice in their solutions for a better world that is not filtered.
What is the biggest marketing challenge that you will face in the upcoming year?Letting others know about the free workshop to area afterschool clubs.

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