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Joseph George

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Partner, George & George ADR Group
Business Founded: 2023
Phone: 9045532540

830-13 A1A N122
Ponte Vedra, FL 32802

How long have you been in your industry?4 years
Why did you choose your industry?I decided to pursue a career in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry because I find great satisfaction in helping people resolve their disputes. As a mediator and arbitrator, I have the opportunity to assist individuals from diverse backgrounds in resolving their disputes. It gives me immense joy to be able to lend a helping hand and guide people through the process of finding mutually beneficial solutions to their conflicts. By being a part of the ADR industry, I can make a positive impact in the lives of others and contribute to fostering a more harmonious society.
Who are your typical clients?I have a diverse range of clients, including those from the public sector who seek my assistance in resolving their disputes. Additionally, I work closely with law firms, the courthouse, and businesses of all sizes, catering to their specific needs. By serving such a varied clientele, I have gained extensive experience in navigating a wide array of legal matters and providing effective dispute resolution services. Whether it's assisting government agencies, collaborating with legal professionals, or supporting businesses, I strive to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client.
What do you like best about being in this industry?I am drawn to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry for several reasons. Firstly, I appreciate the opportunity it provides to facilitate peaceful and mutually satisfactory resolutions to conflicts. ADR allows parties to maintain control over the outcome of their disputes and encourages collaborative problem-solving. I find fulfillment in helping individuals and organizations find common ground and reach agreements that meet their specific needs. Moreover, the ADR field offers a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional litigation, promoting faster and cost-effective resolution of disputes. Being a part of this industry allows me to make a positive impact by promoting harmony, preserving relationships, and fostering a more harmonious society through constructive conflict resolution.
What are common problems you see?One major issue that I observe in the alternative dispute resolution industry today is the lack of "good faith" intent from parties to actively collaborate and resolve their disputes. It is disheartening to witness instances where parties involved in mediation are unwilling to approach the process with a genuine commitment to finding common ground. Additionally, there is often a reluctance to separate the person from the problem, which hampers the ability to address the core issues effectively. Overcoming these challenges and fostering an environment of open-mindedness, cooperation, and empathy is crucial for promoting successful dispute resolution in the alternative dispute resolution industry.
What advice/tips do you have for clients?The tip I would offer to clients is to approach mediation with good faith, be willing to make concessions, maintain an open mind, and strive to see the issue from the other person's perspective.
When is your busy season?After experiencing the impact of COVID-19, I have noticed a significant backlog in the courts. This situation has highlighted the importance of mediation and arbitration as valuable tools within the court system. As a result, our busy season extends throughout the year, with each month presenting a high demand for our services.
What keeps you up at night?What keeps me up at night is the constant pursuit of finding new and innovative ways to market our firm and educate the public about the benefits of mediation and arbitration. I am driven by the desire to raise awareness and promote these alternative dispute resolution methods, ensuring that individuals and organizations understand the value they offer in resolving conflicts efficiently and effectively.
How do you market yourself to grow/expand your business?In our marketing efforts, we have been quite inventive and resourceful. Personally, I have taken a hands-on approach by actively engaging with our audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram platforms. Additionally, we ventured into more traditional advertising methods, such as utilizing a billboard, which surprisingly proved to be quite beneficial in increasing our exposure. However, the most impactful tool we have discovered thus far is the creation of explainer videos. These videos effectively communicate our firm's mission, services, and expertise, serving as a valuable resource for educating the public about the benefits of mediation and arbitration.
How involved are you in the community?Being actively involved in the community is a core value of our firm. We have dedicated ourselves to collaborating with various charities and engaging in legal pro bono work. It brings us immense joy to give back to the community that holds a special place in our hearts. We are committed to making a positive impact and serving those in need, striving to contribute to the betterment of our beloved community.
What is your favorite not for profit or charity?As a firm, we firmly believe that all charities have a significant role to play in society, and each one contributes to the community in its own unique way. Therefore, we do not have a favorite charity, as we recognize and appreciate the diverse impact that each organization makes. We value the collective effort of charities and the positive change they bring to our community as a whole.
What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into this business?The advice I would give to someone aspiring to enter the alternative dispute resolution industry is to stay true to themselves. It's important not to let the naysayers deter you from pursuing your passion. Always prioritize investing in your own growth and development. Become an expert in the specific area you want to practice in and strive to be the best in that field. To become a top mediator, it is crucial to possess certain skills. The most successful mediators are empathetic, non-judgmental, patient, and persistent. They maintain an optimistic outlook and are known for their trustworthiness. Additionally, being sharp-minded and creative, having good common sense, and a sense of humor all contribute to effective mediation.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?When I'm not at the office, dedicated to assisting in the resolution of disputes, I enjoy spending my downtime playing golf. While I may not possess Tiger Woods' level of skill, I still relish the challenge of navigating the green and doing my best to steer clear of those pesky sand traps. Additionally, I find great pleasure in indulging in spa days, allowing myself the opportunity to rejuvenate both my body and soul. It's a wonderful way for me to recharge and find balance amidst the demands of my work.

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