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Bill Haber

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Co-Founder, Business Strategy, TEKRiSQ, INC.
Business Founded: 2021
Phone: 3053355800

P.O. Box 501, Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32004
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004

How long have you been in your industry?25 years
Why did you choose your industry?Information technology has changed at a rapid pace, and transformed our lives from the moment computing became personally useful. Having worked with innovative enterprise software startups and grown them into successful companies that have been acquired by others, I've gotten to navigate multiple industry transformations in networks & communications to healthcare and into business cyber risk. I can't imagine having chosen anything else!
Who are your typical clients?Today we serve insurance agencies and small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) who need to adopt basic cybersecurity to build resilience to risk and to become insurable. Increasingly, cyber insurance carriers are helping us in developing interesting ways we can collaborate to select better risks, and make more clients resilient to cyber risks.
What do you like best about being in this industry?While many come for the fast pace and rapid change, we like building trust through business relationships that generate positive improvements one client at a time.
What are common problems you see?Many SMBs are not adopting adequate cybersecurity controls, pay little attention to their compliance obligations, and are sitting ducks in the eyes of global cyber criminals. Cyber risks at unprepared SMBs are being exploited at a record pace, and need to learn to adopt the basics. It can be hard, as many do not have in-house IT expertise, certainly don't have Chief Information Security experts on staff, and are falling behind. The need fast, easy and affordable people they can trust to make pragmatic recommendations to get themselves out of the crosshairs of cyber chaos.
What advice/tips do you have for clients?Many SMBs do not know where they stand form a vulnerability standpoint, and would benefit form a short, independently conducted cyber risk assessment. These can be completed in a 30-45 minute zoom call to get an objective appreciation of present realities, and any immediate issues that should be addressed. We strip the technology jargon from the process, and make the path forward it clear and actionable. We can often remediate many of these risks ourselves, or refer others if necessary.
When is your busy season?Insurance renewals get crazy leading up to July 1st and end of the year. That said, we get busier every day as people learn more about what we do, and face increasing concern about he realities of a growing state of risk from cybersecurity attacks.
What keeps you up at night?As an entrepreneur, I make decisions about growth strategies and tactical decisions about client opportunities (i.e. when to say no). It is also alarming to learn about the new attack vectors and the volume of bad actors working to exploit vulnerabilities. So, in short, I worry about clients who don't always do the right things falling victim to these problems, and whether or not we're focused on the right-fit clients who want to solve these problems.
How do you market yourself to grow/expand your business?We network with insurance professionals and business organizations to meet professionals who can benefit from the cyber risk products and service we offer. These include the Independent Insurance Association of America (Big I) in each state, where we serve on its Agents Council For Technology. We are also members of PLUS, the Professional Liability & Underwriting Society, and participate regularly in NetDiligence Conferences and other events. We also run direct sales campaigns to independent insurance agencies.
How involved are you in the community?We are very involved in the cyber insurance and cybersecurity communities, particularly in Florida. We have participated in and graduated from the prestigious Tampa Bay Wave CyberTech|X Accelerator, and are working on developing a cybersecurity and organizational psychology workgroup program with University of Northern Florida (UNF). We also started a meetup group called First Coast Cyber Technology Risk Network in 2022, a meeting place for other like minded professionals.
What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into this business?Talk to us about being a part of our company, as we're starting to grow quickly and need passionate, talented people.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?Free time? What's that? I enjoy backpacking, beach time, surfing and snow skiing whenever I get the chance.

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