“Around Town” with Justin Root and Danny Sands

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Each week on “Around Town,” our host Steve Strum talks to members of the Orange Park community who are making an impact. Today, Jesse Stakes joins us and talks to Justin Root from Nutritional Roots and Danny Sands from Brightway Insurance.

Dr. Todd J. Pesek founded Nutritional Roots to share his love of plants. After medical school, he traveled the world studying how the healthiest cultures use plants. Our products bring these travels to life with a proprietary blend of his favorite vegetables, herbs and botanicals.

To learn more, visit https://nutritionalroots.com.

How do you define success?: The freedom to spend time with people you enjoy spending time with.

What is something unique about your business?: There is no where we wont go to discover the best plants for people and the planet. We invest are time and resources into distilling nutritional complexity into practical simplicity. Along the way, we unearth incredibly plants being produced around the world.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?: Finding suppliers that align with our vision and expectations.

Danny is committed to providing consultative risk management services by getting to know each customer individually. He then researches more than 100 companies and makes recommendations he knows will protect his customers’ interests and secure their futures.

To learn more, visit https://www.brightway.com/agencies/FL/Jacksonville-Beach-Blvd-East/0149/Team.

How do you define success?: Helping others reach their full potential.

What is something unique about your business?: We are an independent insurance agency and have access to over 100 different companies that we shop on behalf of our customers for home, auto, life, and business insurance.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?: The biggest obstacle we had to overcome was starting the business from scratch and finding a way to survive until the business broke even.

The Biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?: Marketing will rely even more on social media and technology changes in the next 5 years.