“Explore the Spectrum” with Tosha Rollins from Rollins Counseling LLC

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Each week on Explore the Spectrum, our host Jeanetta Bryant discusses the latest news and developments related to autism, as well as providing expert insights and advice to our audience. Be ready for anything by listening to what these insiders have to say. This week, Jeanetta speaks with Tosha Rollins from Rollins Counseling LLC.

Short company description:

I started private practice as a counselor in 2018 at Rollins Counseling LLC. I also published Autismology An Autism Dictionary the end of 2022 with Future Horizons Publishing. I also hosted the Autism in Action Podcast for the past few years and have 95 episodes for families to access resources, services, and supports.

What Is Your Why (Why Are You In Business)?

As a special needs mom of two young adults on the spectrum, I am very passionate about serving the autistic individuals and helping families connect with resources, services, and support.

How did you get started in your field or work?

I was inspired by my children.

What’s one thing we should know that makes your company unique?

I specialize in Autism as a mental health professional. Currently research has shown that only 2 out of 44 mental health clinicians feel confident working with autistic individuals. There is a HUGE need for mental health professionals to work with this population.

What are your biggest goals in the next 6 to 12 Months for your business?

To spread the news about the new Autismology Autism Dictionary and continue to serve my community as a counselor. I do have several public speaking events planned also aimed at helping expand inclusive practices in the mental health field.

Who do you know that is impacted by Autism and how has that impacted you?

Too many to answer, but primarily my two sons, my nephew, and my future son in law.