“Legacy of Leaders” with Brian Underdahl of Nuvo Capital Partners

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On “Legacy of Leaders,” Jack Sears welcomes outstanding leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice, personal experiences and tips for business leaders and aspiring leaders. This week, Jack welcomes Brian Underdahl of Nuvo Capital Partners.


Brian Underdahl
Chief Analytics Officer at Nuvo Capital Partners
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Short company description:

Nuvo Capital Partners strategically acquires multifamily assets in selected markets by leveraging strong relationships with brokers, owners, lenders, and investment partners. We believe that these relationships form the cornerstone of our success. Our commitment to fair and equitable returns for all stakeholders drives our investment approach.

How do you define success?

Success is the harmony of achieving one’s goals while uplifting others, guided by the unwavering compass of core values. It’s the art of turning challenges into stepping stones, transforming both oneself and the community in the process.

How did you get started in your field or work?

The 2 things I’ve always had a passion for are macroeconomics and real estate. I interned with a fantastic couple of guys in grad school that ran a hedge fund in Tallahassee. They encouraged me to pursue real estate and empowered me to start our first small fund. It’s been an exciting journey since then.