“Buzzworthy Businesses” with Brian Collins of Dry Pocket Apparel

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Each week on “Buzzworthy Businesses” our host, Mike White, talks to business leaders around Jacksonville who are doing great things in the community. Today, Mike talks to Brian Collins of Dry Pocket Apparel.

To learn more, visit drypocketapparel.com.

Short company description:

We are an innovative dry bag company introducing new exciting waterproof products to the world. We offer USA’s 1st waterproof pocket swim shorts, fishing shorts, fishing pants, and waterproof jackets with a waterproof pocket. (a magnetic TPU dry bag rated IPX8 airtight seal up to 100 feet deep built into a pocket) We offer the world’s 1st auto sealing backpack dry bags / waterproof bags that seal air, water, gas tight just by letting go. Our dry bags are completely waterproof and auto seal air tight by a magnetic double lock airtight closure rated IPX8 up to 100 feet deep. They have the option to float and act as a buoy to assist with staying above water or can be submersible while keeping everything inside dry. Another product line we offer is the world’s 1st magnetic auto sealing double lock coolers that can float. Our coolers also come with a magnetic double lock airtight closure rated IPX8 up to 100 feet deep.

How did you get started in your field or work?

Fell out of a kayak and had an idea.

What’s One Thing We Should Know That Makes Your Company Unique?

We are introducing new products each year that the world has never seen before.