“The Horse’s Mouth with Tom McManus” is a unique talk show offering opinions and facts that come straight from the source. No gossip, no hearsay, no agendas; just topics straight from the Horse’s Mouth! His guests include top of the line, high profile figures in sports, news, entertainment, business and leaders in the community. He will tackle the hard subjects in society over a beer and laughs.

The Horse’s Mouth: Latest Episodes

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This is a show that is laid back in setting, with straight from the source content that tells it like it is.

The setting is a bar at Tommy Mac’s place (Studios in Jax at 1611 San Marco Blvd) with Tom McManus, your host, as the bartender. This is significant because prior to being called to tryout for the Jacksonville Jaguars Inaugural football team in 1995, Tom was tending bar at a place called Cais in Malden, Massachusetts.

That was after Tom spent a year and a half out of the game he loved and the dream he had since he was a kid, behind the bars of the Fieldhouse and Shenanigan’s in downtown Chicago. One of Tom’s favorite things to do while serving his patrons drinks was to open a discussion with them. Tom always found that people who came in wanted to unwind and talk about everything from sports to business to life in general. The audience feels like they are right at home with the guests.