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Brandi Sims

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Founder/CEO, Brandinc PR
Business Founded: 2020
Phone: 5122229355

9901 Brodie Lane Suite 160 #1453
Austin, TX 78748

How long have you been in your industry?14
Why did you choose your industry?I chose the PR/Communications industry because I enjoyed being a part of the story telling process on behalf of clients. PR is not a one-dimensional industry, in fact, I believe it truly is an umbrella for all industries. It is needed and will always be relevant because brands will always need to improve their communications to their fans. Society is constantly changing and each year, a new generation is coming into the fold that requires a different approach to how we communicate to them. PR has always played a factor in how we strategically view communications messaging within brand image.
Who are your typical clients?My typical clients are public figures that range in industry. I've represented sports athletes, politicians, authors, as well as brands in beauty/cosmetics, tech and entertainment.
What do you like best about being in this industry?One of my favorite things about working in the industry is that it is constantly changing. From technology to strategies & tactics adapting to the changing landscape, when I get to my office each day it's never the same kind of day. I think that is what has kept engaged and interested because every day is something new.
What are common problems you see?The common problems that I see its the lack of investment in PR & communications. It's viewed as a luxury and not a necessity. PR is limited to big name brands and celebrities, it important at any level of business. And if you want to continue to thrive, not just survive, it's important to have a clear PR strategy being implemented.
What advice/tips do you have for clients?Best advice for clients is to check in on the current PR strategy. Identify its effectiveness, ad timeliness to determine if its still working for your brand. Companies get stuck on "this is the way its always been" and rely on old methods for new audiences, which typically doesn't last long. To be effective in business, you need to constantly be adapting, measuring and adjusting your methods.
When is your busy season?Holiday season is typically very busy. Between gift guides, awards and tight deadlines, this is usually the time where all our prep work in the Summer will make or break the success of the Holiday season.
What keeps you up at night?Outside of the typical stresses of being an entrepreneur like talent recruitment, client prospecting, etc., I would say what keeps me up is deadline and projects. I'm a perfectionist and very detailed to the point where I can self sabotage. I always want to ensure that people are happy and we've delivered. For me, it's 100% an integrity and character thing.
How do you market yourself to grow/expand your business?It starts with how you are sharing your story. People think that it's oversharing to talk about awards they've won or projects that they're working on, but it's not. These are the types of things that make you human and a professional within your industry. It's the small engagement piece that packs a major punch. Consumers already know that they're being sold to so stop focusing on selling and focus what's real. What is real is your day to day life working in the field. Behind the scenes commentary and views are my go-to's for genuine marketing for business.
How involved are you in the community?Very involved. Both in the communities that we (Brandinc PR) inhabit as well as the industry that I serve. Currently, I serve as the Chair for the Public Relations Society of America's Entertainment and Sports section and national DEI Chapter Chair along with advisory committee for the Oklahoma City PRSA Chapter. I've also held memberships through ForbesBLK, Black Excellence Society, National Black Sports Professional Association and Women in PR. Through these associations, I've lead recruitment, communications and programming to support communications education, DEI implementation and community outreach. It really brings me joy to teach people about PR and communications and how they can apply it to their current structure. I also serve on the non PR related boards including the TSET Healthy Living Advisory Council, Marie Detty Youth and Family Services, Hungry Hearts and Young Professionals of Lawton. From fighting food insecurity in low-income areas to empowering young professionals entering the workforce, I have a affinity for non profits with real causes and solutions for challenges facing people. I don't get paid to promote or support these groups, it's purely off of the love of helping someone get to the next step in life to be successful.
What is your favorite not for profit or charity?Navy Seal Foundation. The sheer amount of resources and support provided the families within the community is breath taking. When my husband was on active duty for the Navy, he was disagreed with lung cancer which effectively ended his career. The Navy Seal Foundation and Wounded Warrior program stepped in when we needed help the most. I'll never forget that. We were blessed for a supportive community, both active and subsequently retired, by the Navy Seal Foundation. I'm a proud (retired) Navy spouse and beyond thankful that organizations like these exist to help our military communities.
What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into this business?I would suggest that they utilize support services such as the Small Business Administration (SBA). There's a ton of helpful resources that can provide guidance on getting started. It was very different for me because I started the business with an MBA and had already been consulting for several years. Not everyone has the background and education in business to know everything. This is why it's important to utilize the resources around you that are designed to get you the help you need to be successful.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?I love spending time with my family and close friends. We should have our own show just based upon the pure entertainment you get with all of our personalities under one roof. They are my happy place. Being a Navy spouse and an Army brat, you get to meet a lot of people in your lifetime due to constant moving and transitioning. I have friends that we'll FaceTime every week to check in from California to Virginia and now in China as one is taking on a teaching gig. Keep me sane, grounded and loved.

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