Executive Highlight

Jason Shepard

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President, Coastal Wildlife & Pest Services
Business Founded: 2021
Phone: (904) 855-9490

P.O. Box 19096
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

How long have you been in your industry?8 Years
Why did you choose your industry?When I started in wildlife control I really loved what I was doing. Pest control came later and when I began to see the value in these companies as they were selling, my vision of owning this company grew into a much larger vision
Who are your typical clients?Homeowners in middle to upper scale neighborhoods. Also property managers and any other company that works in home services really
What do you like best about being in this industry?I love the challenge of solving problems for our customers. The reward you get from their reaction when you have helped them out of a situation they were terrified of is great
What are common problems you see?Lack of training and professionalism
What advice/tips do you have for clients?Don't wait until you have a wildlife problem in or around your home. Be proactive and it could save you tons of money but more than that it will save you a big headache.
When is your busy season?We're busy most of the year except Mid Summer. Outdoor wildlife issues are busy in the hot season, and indoor issues are busier in the winter months
What keeps you up at night?The responsibility of ensuring my employees are well taken care of
How do you market yourself to grow/expand your business?I try to show that I am trustworthy. Most homeowners have had bad experiences with hiring companies to work in their homes at some point and we want to be different. We want to leave people knowing they can trust us to treat them fairly and do what we say we will do.
What is your favorite not for profit or charity?Any addiction or recovery organization
What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into this business?Be ready to work very hard and don't expect much free time in the beginning years.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?I'm big into golf. I try to play as much as I can.

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